Business Plans and Agreements

Our annual Accountability Agreements with the provincial government dictate the terms under which we receive funding in order to provide child welfare services to children, youth and families in Hamilton.

Accountability Agreement for 2014-15 / 2015-16 (PDF – EN)

Foster Care License 

The Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton has a strong commitment to accountability and to continually improving its services through the use of data and analysis. The three core areas of child welfare work are safety, permanency and well-being and these are reflected in the five publicly reported service performance indicators.

The vast majority of the work that the CCAS of Hamilton does is to keep children safe within their families, focusing on the best interest and well-being of the children. When a child comes into care, our work is centered on supporting the family so that the child can return home safely as soon as possible.  Through the implementation of a provincial performance measurement and management system, we have taken an important step to enhance our accountability and commitment to better outcomes for the children, youth and families we serve.

Performance Indicators FY 1920 (PDF)

Performance Indicators FY 1819 (PDF)

Performance Indicators FY 1718(PDF)

Performance Indicators FY 1617 (PDF)

Performance Indicators FY 1516 (PDF)

Performance Indicators FY 1415 (PDF)

As a Broader Public Sector organization receiving operational funding from the Province of Ontario, The Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton has adopted the Ontario Broader Public Sector Supply Code Chain of Ethics and has implemented policies governing procurement, expense reimbursement, and perquisites.

Factual Certificate – Broader Public Sector Accountability (PDF)

The information below highlights the policies the agency follows in the area of travel and accommodation and provides details of the travel and accommodation expenses for the agency’s Executive Team.

Travel and Expense Policy (PDF)

2022-23 Executive Travel Expenses (PDF)

2021-22 Executive Travel Expenses (PDF)

2020-21 Executive Travel Expenses (PDF)

2019-20 Executive Travel Expenses (PDF)

2018-19 Executive Travel Expenses (PDF)

2017-18 Executive Travel Expenses (PDF)

2016-17 Executive Travel Expenses (PDF)

2015-16 Executive Travel Expences (PDF)

The information below outlines the agency’s policies and guidelines for our procurement practices.

Procurement Policy (PDF)

Supply Chain Code of Ethics (PDF)