In 2020, the Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton (CCASH) received partial designation to provide the active offer of French Language Services (FLS). In accordance with regulations under the French Language Services Act, passed in 1986, we made the commitment to build a stronger relationship with our Francophone community, and enhance service delivery by housing a team of staff dedicated to being proactive when serving French speaking clients.

French language is part of the fabric of Canada. We recognize the important role that the Francophone community has played in building this province, and that there was a need for special attention in our vulnerable communities. In collaboration with the Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton and Family and Children’s Services Niagara, we have explored how to build trust, objectives and develop a service agreement that ultimately would equip us with the necessary tools to build relationships with the Francophone community, and create access to services.

There are three main objectives with respect to accessing services:
– French speaking clients are linked with French speaking staff.
– Staff are informed of their role in the delivery of FLS.
– Written information for clients is available in both English and French.

In partnership with the Hamilton Child and Family Supports, and Family and Children’s Services of Niagara, we are pleased to offer a 1-855 number (1-855-550-3571) to access child protection services in French or a consultation in French during regular office hours.