The Board of Directors of the Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton is responsible for the development and stewardship of our Strategic Plan, policy development, financial oversight, and operational monitoring through its oversight of the Executive Director position. The Board provides Catholic leadership and connections to the Catholic and broader communities.

The Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton, in collaboration with the Board of Directors, has developed an Equity Statement. Our goal is to have the words that are written transform into accountable action and not be performative.

No matter the race, colour, religion, place of origin, ancestry, creed, family status, marital status, citizenship, disability/differently abled, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status and/or age – each person deserves compassion, respect and support.  Discrimination is not tolerated.

To read the full Equity Statement, please Click Here.

Board of Director Recruitment

Currently, there is a full slate of directors of the Board for the Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton.  Please contact [email protected] for enquiries.

Current Board Members

Toni Kovach
David Hennick
Konstantine Ketsetzis
Father David Wilhelm
Jackie Bajus
Melissa Button
Samidha Singhal
Arthur Smith
Gary Warner
Michelle Rodney
Anthony Frisina
Nora Melara-Lopez
Phillip Jeffrey