Everyone who walks through the doors of the CCAS of Hamilton is an inspiration. Our staff are skilled and committed to help people become the best they can be. Our volunteers are selfless and compassionate, giving of their time, energy, and love. Our service recipients are working to improve themselves and their families, often while dealing with personal trauma, challenging circumstances and social injustice.

From time to time, we ask some of these inspiring people to share their stories with us. Their stories are located throughout our website, and are also gathered here. We thank them all for being willing to share so much of themselves with us.

If you have a story to tell, please contact us.


Samidha, former crown ward

Samidha, former crown ward, has a mission

Click here to read Samidha’s inspiring story.


Brett benefitted from CCAS financial support

Click here to read about Brett’s experiences.


Rita talks about her 50 years of fostering

Click here to read about Rita’s foster parent journey.

Cora & John

Cora and John reflect on their 50-year fostering career

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Ligia And Inda

Ligia shares her story about volunteering

Click here to read about Ligia’s volunteer experience.