The CCASH Equity Workplan is grounded in our overall commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion as expressed in our mission, vision, and current Strategic Plan. As such, we are committed to creating and maintaining equitable human resource policies and practices, a diverse workforce, and an inclusive work environment.

The deepening CCASH’s Anti-Racism work and creation of a more inclusive and respectful organizational culture will be achieved with the following priorities in our 2022-23 workplan:

Priority 1:  Deepen the CCASH’s anti-racism work
  • Our commitment is not only to inclusion but to meet our legal obligations under the Ontario Human Rights Code to create a workplace free from harassment and discrimination.
Priority 2: Diversify the workforce at all levels
  • Our commitment is to strengthen the hiring and selection processes and remove the barriers to hiring employees from diverse backgrounds.
Priority 3:  Strengthening Human Resource Policies and Practices
  • Our commitment is to create a solid Human Resource infrastructure while also embedding equity within its employment policies and processes and ensuring they align with the Ontario Human Rights Code requirements and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.
Priority 4: Create a more inclusive and respectful organizational culture
  • Our commitment is to focus attention on fostering a more inclusive organizational culture in which employees at all levels feel welcome, safe, and able to contribute their best.
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Team

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Team ensures equitable outcomes, opportunities and experiences for all of our service recipients, staff, and volunteers.

Marlene Dei-Amoah, Director of Service & Equity                           
Josh Dockstator, Reconciliation Lead