2021 Bursaries and Scholarship Program

What funding is available?

There are two funding streams available for 2021:

  • Youth and Family Opportunity Bursaries are one-time bursaries
  • The Sazio Scholarship Fund provides multi-year funding

What and who is funded?

Funding is available to support and enhance the life outcomes of individuals served by CCAS of Hamilton.

Individuals served includes:

  • Current and former wards
  • Kin families
  • Parents and children currently receiving service
  • Children of families that provide foster homes (up to 1 bursary per year).

Activities for which funding can be requested include:

  • Ongoing education and skills training
  • Employment outcomes and possibilities (specialized equipment purchase, computer and electronic purchase, ongoing training)

How do you apply?

Applications for 2021 Bursaries & Scholarships have closed.

Click on the links below to access the Guidelines which provide all the information you need in order to determine if you are eligible to apply.


Contact  905-525-2012 x 3373.